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Our clients are businesses, non-profit organizations and even individuals who recognize the importance of communicating their message through the media in a powerful, effective way.

Crisis management is a second concern our clients share. We work with companies and non-profit organizations who realize, sooner or later problems within their own or related businesses or industries will arise.

They recognize the value of advance preparation and how important it is to be ready to handle the media in the face of any crises that may come up.

The businesses and non-profit organizations we work with wish to utilize their expertise to gain more and more positive media coverage. They want to be the experts the media turns to whenever there's a need for clear information on a subject related to what they do.

Many different types of small and large non-profit organizations and businesses benefit from our media training and consulting services.

We're successful at helping small non-profit organizations with a handful of workers, and we can also work with top executives in a business with hundreds of employees.

We successfully work with businesses and organizations in the health care field, including hospitals, medical and dental associations, centers devoted to mental health, and those whose clients are physically or developmentally disabled. We also work with doctors or smaller clinics.

“Neal is a wonderful communicator and a masterful media trainer. When clients repeatedly ask for Neal, you know he’s more than just a former journalist teaching you a few tricks of the trade. Instead, Neal has a gift for putting folks at ease and making the complex clear. Neal’s true gift is showing folks not only how to survive a tough interview but how to thrive during challenging times.”

Brad Baumann
The Baumann Group

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Businesses, health related organizations and non-profits benefit from our services in multiple ways. We help them:

  • Clearly communicate the information so many people are seeking today regarding services and options your business or organization offers.

  • Prepare to address and respond to the variety of crises or scenarios that may arise involving mental health patients. This may include crimes or acts of violence committed by individuals diagnosed with mental disorders, including media coverage of former or current patients.

  • Deliver an effective message when questions about developmentally disabled individuals arise in the media, such as whether or not they present a threat to the community.

  • Learn to respond to cases of malpractice, reports of mis-conduct or any other type of related problem that may be arise in the news.

  • Recognize they may have an "image problem" simply due to the type of services they provide. Image problems can be overcome with the right training and expertise.

  • Counter "mis-information" that may be widely believed by the public and replace it with facts about the business, health care services and/or facilities.

In addition to large and small businesses, health care related organizations and non-profit organizations, we've worked with libraries, engineers, attorneys, manufacturing corporations and management organizations. We work with people who do business on local, national and international levels.

Businesses in complex, professional fields that do things the normal public isn't likely to fully understand are ideal clients for our services.

We often work with CEOs, top executives, management teams and technical professionals. These are the individuals who are likely to represent their businesses, or to designate 1 or 2 people as their companies' spokespersons.

We work with CEOs and top executives as these are often the individuals who have the highest profile within a company in the public's eye.

"I just wanted to write to express my sincere appreciation for all of your expert help in preparing me for and coaching me through my on camera media experience. I could not have done it without your kind and professional expertise. I cannot imagine why anyone would go on camera or radio in any media environment without first using your media coaching services. I give you my highest endorsement and would be willing to talk to anyone who is considering using your services."

Gregg Kay
Attorney at Law

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Our clients all understand the value of being able to use the media to their own best advantage. They realize they're not experts in this field, and they're seeking out the help they need to successfully navigate the media jungle.

Do the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

Scenario #1: I'm the manager of a non-profit organization that's devoted to helping members of the community who are diagnosed with mental health conditions. Every time someone in our area commits a crime, I'm scared it's someone who may have sought mental health treatment at some point in their lives. It seems like the media can't wait to go on the warpath over the good we do for people who really benefit from our services, just because someone, somewhere with a mental health issue commits a crime. I wish there was a way I could show the community, the people we help aren't dangerous or a threat like it seems in the news!

Scenario #2: I'm the CEO of agrowing company, and I realize it's up to me to protect the good reputation we've worked hard to build. Seeing what has happened to BP and Toyota, and even CU Denver in the past is downright frightening. It feels like disaster can strike at any time, and I know I'm not prepared to handle the media when it does. I always thought media training was unnecessary in our business and way too expensive. But losing millions of dollars and struggling with personal embarrassment would cost so much more!

Scenario #3: Working for the ARC, it seems like we're always fighting a battle of ignorance, and it's so frustrating! Businesses don't want to hire the people we work with, and neighbors are worried or even scared when we find them places to live in the community. People outside our organization just don't seem to have a clue about the people we work with or how what we do benefits the whole community. I wish people knew about even one or two of the wonderful people we've seen flourish with our support!

Scenario #4: My company develops and manufactures parts used in creating green energy systems. We're trying to expand our operation, and the local community is putting up a huge fuss. They have no idea what our plant actually produces, who we sell to and why what we're doing is a good thing on a local, national and global scale. We know what we're doing is great, but it involves so many technicalities. I need to find a way we can explain it so the public not only understands, but supports the growth of our operation!

Scenario #5: My legal firm is undoubtedly the best in our region if not the state when it comes to environmental law. It seems like there's always a story about environmental lawsuits or potential violations in the local news, but nobody ever calls for our opinion. I wish we could be the ones the media turns to when they need clarification for one of their stories. We could give the public the facts and information they really need, plus grow our reputation as the best in the business at the same time.

Scenario #6: I'm in charge of marketing a large non-profit organization, and I'm afraid I'm failing miserably. We're advertising in the same places, networking and having fundraisers all over the place, but what worked in the past just doesn't produce results anymore. Our donations are down and our memberships are dwindling. Maybe it's the economy, but it also feels like people just don't have any idea what we're doing, why it really matters and why we're so important!

If these scenarios sound familiar and you can relate, we can help you!

Our clients typically share certain characteristics that make them great candidates for our services. The businesses and non-profit organizations we work with:

  • Realize the need for and recognize the value and benefits of media training.

  • Are willing to work with us to clarify their message and repackage it if necessary so they're able to communicate it effectively.

  • Are willing to invest the time and effort in guided homework that's necessary to produce exceptional results.

  • Are teachable and trainable and trust in the process we know from experience produces the best results.

The non-profit organizations and businesses we work with understand that although they're experts in their field, they are not experts in public relations or the media.

That's why they turn to us for assistance, and that's why we're able to help them succeed with their public relations goals! They understand that their ability to get their message out directly relates to their success!

If you need help getting your message out to the public, protecting your reputation and promoting your business or organization in the best way possible, contact us today!


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