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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services…

Why do I need media training anyway?

Simply put: So you can be a better spokesperson for yourself, your company, or your organization. Mounds of research show that the better you speak, the more attention you draw to yourself and your cause. Conversely, people tend to underrate or dismiss individuals and organizations that cannot clearly say what they do and/or the message is delivered by a poor spokesperson. Media training will teach you how to present well, clearly, concisely, and powerfully so people will think more of you and your organization.

Even if you don’t think YOU need media coaching, what about your staff. With all the social media outlets, what THEY say can literally be around the world in 15-seconds, for better or (unfortunately) for worse.

How much is this going to cost?

We have different price ranges depending on your needs. We can also adopt a payment plan. Media coaching and training can run from $500 up to $8,500. It all depends on your needs and goals and where you want to be as a spokesperson.

The one thing that holds true through the decades is this: Media training is a lot less expensive than what JUST ONE MAJOR MISTAKE can cost you if it goes public. A huge blunder on the public scale can cost you millions of dollars plus a lost or greatly damaged reputation. Want proof? Ask Toyota.

How do we get started?

First, a free consultation. This determines your needs, your goals, why you want to do media training, and where you want to end up. Then, we tailor a specific plan for you or your staff that aligns with your intent. You tell us your budget in time and money, we set a fixed array of services and cost, and then you decide. Although there are some tough parts in coaching (you know how some reporters can be), we work to make it a fun, beneficial and enjoyable experience.

How long will this take?

It’s a lot like riding a horse. How long will it take me to learn to ride? Then, how long will it take me to ride like a performer? The answer is…it all depends. Some people pick up the principles of media coaching almost immediately and see instant improvement. Others find that long-ingrained patterns make their improvement take a bit more time. The good thing is that virtually anyone can improve with media coaching.

Even if you pick up just a handful of tips and changes to your delivery, it will benefit you tremendously as you represent you or your company or organization. If you only have one 3-hour block of time, we can work with that. If you want to dedicate a significantly longer time frame for stellar improvement, we will stick with you all the way.

We’ve been doing OK. Why should I spend time and money on this?

Across the board, the greatest performers always have a coach. Yes, even Michael Jordan. If you want to soar, you need to constantly improve. Media coaching can boost your visibility, improve the focus of your message, empower your delivery, and position you as a competent spokesperson. If you don’t think that will help your company or organization, then this probably isn’t for you.

I’m pretty good at what I do. Why can’t I just “wing it” with the media thing?

Without preparation, most people who try to soar in an area unfamiliar to them usually end up crashing. It would be like going to a foreign country without any study or insight into their culture, customs, or ways of doing things. Same with the media. You need to know how subtle nuances can work for or against you. Mistakes can be very costly. Can you afford those?

Another analogy…we guide you through the media jungle so don’t get blind-sided by something you don’t even see coming. Not knowing the pitfalls, the snares, and the traps that some reporters can set, you might never know you’re being had until it’s too late.

For example, recently one CEO took a reporter and camera crew through his plant and for 45 minutes the reporter nodded appreciatively and truly befriended the CEO—or so it appeared. Right at the end, the reporter asked him a “candid” question. The CEO was feeling very comfortable with the reporter and let his guard down just a little bit. He expressed a few of his very reserved doubts about an upcoming project and guess what? The reporter ONLY used that ONE negative soundbite in his story on the news that night. That’s when the CEO realized how much he should have been media trained.

OK, if I do media training, what will I get out of this?

First, you will learn how to expertly craft your message for your organization and inject some fire into it so that it communicates and resounds with the people with whom you speak, touching their heart as well as their head.

Second, it gives you practice in how to make that message compelling and powerful so that people are impacted by it and remember it.

Third, media coaching empowers you with more confidence so you deliver your message impressively.

Fourth, it takes you inside the media world so you learn the secrets of how the media operates, what it wants, how some reporters will set you up to T-bone you in their intersection. You’ll know how to watch for those subtleties and protect yourself instead of saying afterward…”I never saw it coming.” Our training can make you as savvy as they are.

Fifth, you’ll learn techniques like “bridging” to keep you on YOUR message so you don’t get diverted or distracted and so that you control more of the interview so your points get said.

Sixth, even if you don’t have an interview on the horizon, you will learn how you can leverage what you’ve learned to set yourself apart as an expert in your field and attract news media attention when they need someone who can “talk in soundbites” or “do good TV” to give clarity, insight, and perspective to their audience.

Seventh, if you choose the full training, you will get your own “on camera” session(s), so that you will know in advance what it’s like to have the camera and lights and reporter questions---but all in a “safe” environment. You can do very well, or make mistakes (usually both) and not have it impact you or your company the way the “real thing” could. You get to perfect your message and delivery until you get it exactly the way you want it, long before you have to face the media by yourself.

Why do you always talk about “On Camera” and TV? Is that all you deal with?

We have consistently found that on camera is the best and quickest teacher. In other words, if you master this for TV, you can do it for anything else: radio, print, and social media. You can even be a much better presenter for your board, your shareholders, your civic groups, anything. Just look at what Steve Jobs alone has done for the visibility of Apple. When he speaks, it’s not a lecture. It’s not a speech. It’s an event.

If I do media training, when will I be ready to talk to the media?

You make the final decision. However, we can help you determine when you are ready. When you have your message clear, concise, and consistent, when you learn to “bridge” back to your message no matter what the question, when you are powerful and impactful in delivering your points, and when you don’t fall for reporter traps and “baits,” then you might be ready. We never leave you swinging in the breeze and on your own.

What if I don’t ever plan to talk to the media? Why should I be media trained?

Whether you “plan” to talk to the media or not, it could happen either way. Unforseen events, even someone else’s blunder could put you or your organization in the spotlight whether you want it or not. If that happens, and all of the sudden there are cameras and microphones in your face, and you are not prepared, you could say something you might regret for a long time.

Even if that doesn’t ever happen, Media training can make you better at speaking to anyone or any group. The benefits are always transferable.

What if it’s too late? My organization is already in trouble with its image and its PR.

We call this “Crisis Communications,” and we can help. Obviously you want to prepare before the snare, but unlike not having homeowners insurance, you can still call us when the house is on fire. If there is a catastrophe or a crisis, calling us is always better than doing nothing. . The sooner we can come along side you, the better it is. However, we will help whatever your situation. We can tell you where to go from here, even though things right now look dim. We will help you salvage your image and reputation, no matter where it is.

Toyota has taken a major hit, and the fallout might not be even close to over. Still, had its executives been properly media trained, they could have mitigated the damages. In my opinion, they waited too long and reacted too reluctantly to curb the public’s eroding trust. Don’t imitate them. You can be better prepared. We certainly can help.


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