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Our Media Coaching and Media Consulting Services…

Our services are specifically designed to help you develop a platform from which you can deliver the your messages in the best and most positive way possible.

Not only will you avoid mistakes made by small and big businesses and organizations alike, you'll move forward with plans that allow you to use the media to your very best advantage.

Neal Browne & Associates offers the following primary services:

    1. Media Coaching and Training
    2. Preparation For a Media Interview
    3. Media Coaching for Crisis Intervention
    4. Video Production

We also offer supplemental services of:

    1. Crisis Communications
    2. Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
    3. Speech Writing
    4. Copywriting

And if you have questions, you can also read:

    1. Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Media Coaching and Training

istockWe help you discover or surface your central messages about your organization and then translate them into compelling, concise language.

We also guide you in learning how to talk in soundbites that resonate with your audience and that anyone can clearly understand.

We alert you to media “traps” as you learn what’s best to say and not to say, and how to handle “softballs” as well as brutal, tough questions.

Media Coaching and Training is designed to help clients identify, develop and condense their message into sound bites they can confidently deliver.

Because no two businesses are alike, our Media Coaching and Training is a customized approach and program, which involves:

  • An initial, in-depth interview and discussion process that helps us understand your business and how best we can help you.
  • Assessing your goals, budget and the time you'd like to invest in media coaching determine the length and type of program that's right for you.

  • Determining the type of business or services you provide and your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses guide the development of your program.

We then focus on translating your message into concepts and language people can understand.

This involves scripting actual words and phrasing as much or as little as necessary to bring your message to the clearest, most concise and understandable form possible.

Once your message is developed, we test it out through mock interviews…

  • These mock interviews give you the chance to test out your ability to deliver your message in practice.
  • We start out friendly and informational with the mock interviews, then move to more challenging or adversarial types of interviews. This will get you used to many different scenarios you may be exposed to.
  • Finally, we use playbacks of your interviews to evaluate and tweak your message.

The result of the mock interview process is: you'll develop a powerful message you'll feel confident you can deliver, even in the face of adversarial interviewers and even hostile questions.

Even if you're uncertain what exactly it is you'd like to accomplish with Media Coaching and Training, we can identify goals that will produce real benefits for your business or non-profit organization.

Media Coaching and Training is the ideal service for anyone who realizes they can improve their message, the way it's delivered and the results it produces. Contact us today for more information and to get started.

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"I just wanted to write to express my sincere appreciation for all of your expert help in preparing me for and coaching me through my on camera media experience. I could not have done it without your kind and professional expertise. I cannot imagine why anyone would go on camera or radio in any media environment without first using your media coaching services. I give you my highest endorsement and would be willing to talk to anyone who is considering using your services."

Gregg Kay
Attorney at Law

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Preparation For a Media Interview

Are you ready to face lights, cameras and microphones? On your own, it can be intimidating, even petrifying.

We take you through the hidden paths of the media jungle so you are ready with your messages, you stay on target, and you know what to do when "attacked by wild reporters who emerge out of nowhere growling."

Preparation For a Media Interivew also involves helping clients develop skills that can help them maximize the opportunities media coverage presents.

You'll learn to anticipate and respond to a full range of questions and you'll feel confident about your ability to handle any type of interview situation.

Plus, you'll also receive pointers and practical advice you can use to develop your style so you have a greater chance of getting media coverage long term.

If you have a media interview coming up, you need expert advice to help you prepare. Contact us today to learn how we can help you deliver your message effectively.

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Media Coaching for Crisis Intervention

istockCrisis Intervention is a special type of Media Coaching businesses or non-profit organizations may need in the face of challenges.

Ideally, you'll be prepared in advance for media coverage of an event, problem, challenge or crisis that relates to or involves your business or organization.

But, if you're not prepared in advance, Media Coaching for Crisis Intervention is a way to close the barn door before you lose any more horses!

Media Coaching for Crisis Intervention is designed to help you mitigate damage and salvage what you can going forward. If you feel your business is under heavy fire, it is imperative to get coaching and help for how to handle the crisis, versus doing nothing at all and hoping it all goes away. (It won't!)

Our clients are often surprised at how much damage can be repaired and how disaster can be avoided through our Media Coaching for Crisis Intervention services. Contact us today to get the help you need in a crisis situation!

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“Neal is a wonderful communicator and a masterful media trainer. When clients repeatedly ask for Neal, you know he’s more than just a former journalist teaching you a few tricks of the trade. Instead, Neal has a gift for putting folks at ease and making the complex clear. Neal’s true gift is showing folks not only how to survive a tough interview but how to thrive during challenging times.”

Brad Baumann
The Baumann Group

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Supplemental Services

Crisis Communications

It’s all gone wrong at once, the media is making you look negligent or flat-out guilty, your organization’s reputation has bullet holes in it, and the light at the end of the tunnel has just flickered out. What do you do? We can help you with damage control, so you can make the best of a bad senario quickly, salvage the situation, and know what next steps to take.

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Concerned or bewildered over a presentation that you have to give and know the stakes are high, but you don’t have time or are not fully prepared? We will help you figure out your central messages, tailor them to your audience, and equip you to present so that you can shine.

Speech Writing

Survey after survey registers public speaking as the number one phobia of nearly everyone. It’s even worse when you have no idea what to say and your deadline is approaching. We can help you with ideas and even write a compelling speech for you that can help make you the toast of the town.


Need to know what to say and how to say it for mailings, sales letters, brochures, your web site, or promotionals? We write to let your clients/customers know how they can benefit from what you offer, how you stand out from your competition, and how you can make your offer alluring and appealing.

We offer a FREE 30-minute consultation for ALL of our services. Contact us today to discuss your budget, needs and how we can help you achieve your goals!

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Whether you need help getting your message out to the public, protecting your reputation, crisis intervention or video production…we can help! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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