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Why We're Different From PR Consultants and Other Media Coaches and Consultants…

Neal Browne and Associates has the skills, experience and expertise that will enable you to develop, synthesize and communicate your messages in powerful and effective ways.

Businesses and non-profit organizations who work with us gain the advantages Neal's truly unique services present.

Neal has the ability to identify exactly what your business or non-profit organization is trying to and needs to communicate.

Through careful analysis and with creative insight, he then repackages your message from its longer form into a simpler sound bite your audience will understand. The ability to both grasp your overall message, plus synthesize the particular is what sets us apart from others in the field.

You'll create a clear, compelling message your audience can understand, relate and respond to!

“Without media training we would never have gotten any better in interviewing or presentations, or having intelligent answers to questions, getting out of squirmy situations. That’s one of the biggest things I learned—when something gets uncomfortable how I can respond to that and have it be successful in that response. Yes, it’s worth it. I think we get more than our money’s worth by doing this, because it’s going to work over the long-term also.”

Joanne Lindsay
Policy Analyst, State of Colorado

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When you choose to invest in media training with Neal Browne and Associates, you benefit from Neal's vast expertise in multiple disciplines. Neal can address what you do from many different points of view and approach developing your message from various angles.

The result is an original and concise message, one that's synthesized from many different viewpoints, and one that has the greatest chance of being understood by your audience.

Neal Browne and Associates is the best choice for media training for businesses and non-profit organizations at the local, national and International levels, because:

  • Neal has an in-depth understanding of how Colorado's unique culture and history affect what people here are looking for and want to see.
  • Neal uses this information to drill your messages down to the most succinct and defining level possible, plus deliver them in a way people will understand.
  • Neal has experience with national and International types of media, making him the perfect choice for expanded coverage of your business or organization.

Neal Browne and Associates is the right choice for those looking for a PR or media consultant with skills, expertise and experience that outshine the competition.

We're also the best choice for businesses and organizations that are unsure whether or not they should invest in media training and for those who have put it off, perhaps too long.

We full understand the "ostrich syndrome," and can help your business or organization move from hiding your head in the sand to mounting a proactive offense when it comes to the media.

By working with us you'll develop a platform from which you can deliver the message you want to in the positive way you want it delivered.

Not only will you avoid mistakes made by small and big businesses and organizations alike, you'll move forward with plans that allow you to use the media to your very best advantage.

While other media consultants rely on generalized principles, we recognize, no two people are alike! Therefore we focus on the unique, individual position of your company or organization.

Instead of focusing on generalizations, we identify your unique strengths and weaknesses. In a fully customized approach, we are able to build on what you've already accomplished and help you develop in the areas you most need to work on.

If you're ready to develop an original and concise message, synthesized from many different viewpoints, that has the greatest chance of being understood by your audience…contact us today!


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