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Expert Media Coaching and Presentation Skills for You, Your Business or Non-Profit Organization

When you work with Neal Browne & Associates for Media Coaching, we help you develop, synthesize and communicate your messages in powerful and effective ways. Not only will you avoid PR and media blunders and mistakes, but you'll receive tools, strategies and tactics that will allow you to use the media to your very best advantage!


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Providing Media Coaching That Works! For Businesses, Organizations and Non-Profits…

Neal Browne & Associates provides a clear, understandable method to present your message, in public or the media, so it really works for you, your business or non-profit!

Does your business or non-profit organization struggle with communicating your message effectively or do you lack a clear picture of exactly what your message is? Maybe your message is clearly developed, but you're unsure how to deliver it to the media a way that's meaningful to your target audience.

Companies, organizations and non-profits often know what they do very well. But they're so close to their business, they can't see it from an objective perspective.

Without an objective view, it can be impossible to identify the aspects and messages of what you do, in a way that will hook and captivate your audience.

Neal Browne & Associates is the objective solution you need to communicate your message effectively!

If you know you should be playing a bigger role than you are, but always end up frustrated by the lack of results you can produce through the media…or you've tried many times to communicate your message, but you've run into obstacles that kept you from getting the message across in a clear and effective way…we can help!

Imagine how it will be when suddenly, people outside your company or organization begin to understand what you do…and not only understand, but start to remember exaclty what you do—thus making them react, take action and respond in the manner you desire to reach your goals.

Success is possible with the right media coach…

As the cloud that's encompassed what you do begins to dissipate, people will finally understand how vital your business, organization or non-profit is to your community! You don't have to sit around frustrated, wishing you could identify a clear message and deliver it to others in an effective way. You can learn to clarify your message and package it in very effective sound bites that have punch and get results. You'll finally achieve the recognition you haven't had for years and years, or possibly never had in your company's entire history.

Competition for businesses, organizations and non-profits is challenging. Media coaching, that teaches you how-to powerfully deliver your message, is the edge you need to stand out and get noticed.

When people understand your company, organization or non-profit is doing great things, your profile will grow, and that often generates higher sales for you. The key to your business or organization's success could be learning to translate technical language and explanations into words and ideas people can actually understand. You can learn to summarize what it is you do and communicate to the general public the exact kind of knowledge about your business they'll most benefit from having.

As your ability to communicate your message grows, it becomes possible for a CEO, engineer, author or other specialist in your company, organization or non-profit to utilize free radio, television and newspaper publicity.

This type of positive publicity will help raise your profile even further as this individual gains a reputation as an expert in your field. An upward spiral of free, positive media exposure and publicity follows!

When people know exactly what your company, organization or non-profit does in very clear terms, you'll start to stand out from the crowd.

If your mission appears as dynamic, necessary or life changing as it possibly can, you'll far outshine the competition when it comes to clients, customers and even donors' money. You can look forward to your clear message being attached to compelling stories that show how you've changed people's lives. People will know exactly what kinds of good things you're doing, and you'll attract not only more clients, customers and donations, but more volunteers and community support. As you gain a higher and higher profile, more and more dollars will be generated for your business or organization.

ALL of this IS possible with the right media coaching experts…those experts are Neal Browne & Associates.

We provide expert media coaching for businesses, organizations and non-profits. Whether you need:

We'll help your company, organization or non-profit be seen in a whole different light and more front and center... a much more positive position in the minds of your audience. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you!